Lit Seniors Initiative

The Lit Seniors Initiative promotes social inclusion, mental health, healthy ageing and volunteerism in seniors from 55 plus. Our vision is to raise awareness on issues confronting our elders especially now during the pandemic. Our focus is on elderly ethnic men and women.

We aim to do this on multiple fronts:

Panels and Workshops

We bring people together to raise awareness on the effects of isolation in our community. We also let them know what services are available to them in the society.

Kinaesthetic Community based activities

we hope to engage seniors in activities that will engage their minds and occupy their time.

Expert Moment

We will bring in mental health facilitators to talk about ageing and the effects of ageing on the mind and body. Positive and Negative mental attitudes will be addressed.

Tayo El-Nathan chats to Mrs Maria Dey in this special segment of Telling Your Stories with Tayo El-nathan.