Meet the board

Events Director

Bola Adegor

Bolanle is a purpose-driven individual  in regards to living,family and career. Over the years she has developed her experience in the financial services industry. Her experience spans from retail banking, financial and investment analysis.
She was born and raised in Nigeria, where she also had most of her education. She has a Bachelors degree in Banking and Finance from the prestigious University of Lagos and a Masters degree in Investment and Finance from University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.
It is worthy of note that she is passionate about empowering people with financial information and through partnership with her mentor and company, she helped conduct a financial seminar, where over 50 people were enlightened and helped to access finances to build businesses. She was also actively involved in helping youth in character and leadership skills training in her immediate community in Lagos ,teaching and mentoring them on leading a great life.
Bolanle recognizes the role of faith in building character and the importance of equipping the young generation with the knowledge they need in the area of finance. She believes that fulfilment is only achieved by giving of yourself to humanity and so makes herself available whenever the opportunity arise

President of the Board

Tayo El-Nathan

Tayo El-Nathan is a purpose driven individual in regards to living, family, career and the future. Over the years she has developed her career a is a Mid – Senior Level Management executive with years of operational, managerial and leadership experience. Her expertise is in accounting, financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting and business analysis.

She was born and raised in Nigeria where she attended primary and secondary schools. Ms. El-Nathan then emigrated to the USA to study Accountancy with a minor in English Language at the Northern Illinois University, Dekalb IL. After graduation, She worked with the Prestigious Accounting Firm of Washington Pittman and Mckeever as an auditor.  She was privilege to audit various State of Illinois agencies.

Ms. El-Nathan emigrated to Canada in 2009 and in 2015 she received her CPA designation. Throughout her career, Ms. El-Nathan has been associated with numerous philanthropic causes that seeks to empower women and children.  She has also worked in different reputable organizations in Canada. She is also still currently employed as a Senior accountant.

It is important to note that Tayo is passionate about empowering people with knowledge and information that produce results.  Tayo is passionate about the lives of women and children and  about the legacy we leave to the next generation.  Ms. El-Nathan is a Christian, mother of three and she balances are professional life with reading, listening to podcasts and cooking.

She is the host of Telling Your Stories with Tayo El-nathan.

Social Media Director

Dickson Maiden

Mr Maiden is a Financial Coach and educator. He is based in Edmonton Alberta and he is fully licenced to work with families in Alberta, Ontario and Northwest Territories. He is able to provide them with Financial and Retirement plans that align money matters to their values, goals and dreams.

Dickson Maiden is not a stranger to struggling and striving through adversity. Born in Zimbabwe, in 2007, at twenty years of age Dickson and his family moved to Canada and settled in Montreal. Within six months, he found a job in customer service and later moved into landscaping. That was when he made up his mind that he would never settle for a 9 to 5 job all his life.

Dickson can help with life insurance, investment and savings, protecting children, residential and auto insurance. He is the host of Friday Night Live with Mr Maiden on the LCCMEDIA Network.